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What is the difference between ATV and buggy?

To get the best experience and the best value for money, knowing what will be best for you to book is a must. So if you are deciding what adventure experiences to have in Sint Maarten – Saint Martin, then this will help you to decide which is going to be best for you.

buggy rental

SXM Buggy Advantages

Johnny’s buggy rentals are safe and fun, our buggies come with seatbelts, which is another added level of safety. Our 4 seats buggy is more comfortable to ride with your friends or family. So that is something to think about when you are looking into a buggy ride in the island.

ATV rental


There is no getting away from the fact that ATVs are fun and versatile vehicles. You can have accessories on them for things like cargo boxes and so on. But really, would that be needed when you’re out on an ATV ride in SXM?

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